A teeny and more trendy bedroom



A teeny and more trendy bedroom

If you’re parents who have a teen ager, you need to consider so many changes that can affect your likes and dislikes. Mostly teen agers are very stubborn, they know what they want and they will force you to do it, otherwise you will be in big trouble.

Changing their room, from kid’s room to a teen one require so many changes. And for sure you need to spend money on its transformation. There are some ways you can save your money and at the same time changing the room into a new look. Always remember that it’s your choice, and it’s important to fit your style.

Start your transformation by proper planning. You must know what color you want to see in the future before purchasing anything. It must also be within your budget, be sure that you will not exceed the limit.

Consider your paint color before adding up some decors.  Try mixing them up, it would be better if there is color combination. One shade of color is also boring to see. Because it will be a teen’s room, apply shades of black and white as it can fit their personality. Usually girls have their preferred colors, consider their suggestion and play with the color.

If you do have enough money for room decoration, change your old carpet to a new one. Though it will cost you a lot but definitely it will change the aura of your room. Cream is the best choice of color for carpets and rugs as it is flexible; it can match with any type of color. Choosing this color will also help you to save in the near future, if you plan to change your room color again.

Before getting a new set of your furniture, assess first if the current one is still good and can be utilize. If it’s still good enough just add some spice into it. Try changing the colors and repositioning it. If your furniture requiring you already to buy a new set then go and select the best design that will match the color of your new room.

Now a day teen agers want something that is in trend. Putting some theme in the wall will bring big changes into the room.

Try putting something in the bed, teen agers usually admires heartthrobs.  Consider putting them in the bed with the form of linens, or sheet covers. But make sure that it will also fit the theme of your room. Surely your teen will be so glad.

Remember before starting any process, assess and plan properly, figure out things that will make your room fantastic and amazing!